Shepherds Hut Holidays In The UK

Converted Shepard’s huts make a fantastic holiday home, perfect for a unique getaway. Over the years we have stayed in quite a few across the team. They are usually on small sites and often places only have one tucked away from the world. 

Why Are Shepherd's Hut So Popular?

Today, shepherd’s huts are still used by shepherds and farmers, but they have also become popular as unique and cosy retreats. There are several reasons why shepherd’s huts have become popular, including:

  • Their unique design: Shepherd’s huts have a distinct and charming appearance. This makes them stand out from more traditional holiday rentals and adds to their charm and appeal.

  • Their portability: Unlike other types of holidays, shepherd’s huts can be easily moved from one location to another. This allows them to be set up in a variety of different settings, from rural fields and forests to gardens and backyards.

  • Romantic: Shepherd’s huts are typically small and cosy, with a rustic vibe. They are great for a romantic break for 2. 

  • Their versatility: Shepherd’s huts can be used for a variety of purposes, from simple overnight accommodations to full luxury setups. 

Types Of Shepherd's Huts

If you are planning a Shepherd’s hut holiday then you may want to think about the different types of huts you can stay in. 

Luxury Shepherd's hits

Some huts have been converted to a level of luxury that is astounding when you think of what they were originally produced from. Some have outdoor hot tubs and underfloor heating. The cost is higher the more luxurious they are. They work perfectly for a luxury romantic weekend away if you can find the high-end ones. 

Here is an amazing-looking hut from Ashwood. 

Luxury shepherds hut interior by Ashwood

Metal Shepherd's Huts

Metal huts are a much more traditional look. These were used across the country. Traditional they were a wooden frame with corrugated tin covering the outside. These would have been cheap and easy to build in remote locations making them ideal shelters for shepherds in the winter. 

We have seen a number f these converted into holiday accommodation, which usually invloves replacing the tin as it has gone rusty. When done well these maintain a much more traditional look but have all the mod cons on the inside. 

Luxury shepherds hut interior by Ashwood
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