Lodges With Private Hot Tubs: The Ultimate UK Guide

Lodge Breaks With Hot Tubs


Relax With Some Bubbles!

A hot tub break is the perfect getaway to relax and unwind from the busy world we live in. Takes some time out and focus on some me (or us) time. 

Why Not Break With Friends?

You don’t have to lodge break with family. Get some friends together and go for a relaxing lodge break with them. Find lodges with Spas as well as private hot tubs.  

Popular Private Hot Tub Lodges

Bit of guff about what we look for, lovely stay, pouches love it, blah blah Fluffy Guffy McGufferson.

1 - Windmill Spa Retreat - Best Luxury - Glastonbury

Windmill Spa Retreat lodges

What we love about Windmill Spa Retreat

  • New lodges have been added to the Spa for 2022. These are part of Hoseasons flagship “magnificent” collection, at the time of writing only 5 sites in the UK make the grade.
  • There is a mix of lodge and cottage accommodation, all in a modern luxury style. 
  • On-site Elements, a boutique spa adds another level of relaxation and luxury to your stay. 
  • Take some time to enjoy a meal at the Levels Country Kitchen, which can be found on-site. 
What you will find at Windmill Spa retreat.
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2 - Brayton Park - Best In The North - Aspatria, Lake District

The lodge at Brayton Park

What you’ll find here

  • All lodges have hot tubs, some are covered for all year-round ease of use
  • Hot tubs are located on the side or back of the lodges to maximise privacy. No one will walk past close to you whichever lodge you are in
  • A luxury small lodge site with stunning lake district views in a peaceful setting
  • On-site golf and carp fishing as well as a restaurant that will deliver food to your lodge door. 

3 - South View Retreat - Best For A Romantic Break - Great Busby, Yorkshire

Unique lodge at South View retreat

What you’ll find here

  • A unique range of pod-style lodges think of them as unique designed luxury pods.
  • Private, fenced, hot tubs. Most are undercover as shown with the Rosendale pod above.
  • Pets are allowed with a £30 per week additional charge.
  • all lodges sleep a maximum of 2 people

7 Reasons to Book a Hot Tub Lodge Break in the UK

For use on your own, with your partner, friends or the kids, hot tub holidays are a luxurious way to unwind in a pressure-free, private space. Leaving you feeling pampered, soothed and relaxed, hot tubs are one of the few universal activities everyone can enjoy at no cost.

Offering so many holiday benefits, it’s no surprise hot tub lodge breaks are so popular.

Whether you want a romantic hot tub break, a pet-friendly hot tub break, a hot tub holiday for the family by the coast, a fishing lake, golf course, or whatever you have in mind, hot tub holidays in the UK are in high demand so there’s something to suit every need.

If you like the idea of a hot tub getaway but are not sure how a hot tub lodge break will benefit you, here’s all you need to know about the advantages of a hot tub holiday in the UK.

Why You Should Book a Hot Tub Lodge Break

  1. Reset and rejuvenate: How many times have you been on holiday and returned home feeling tired? Travelling to destinations far from home means we feel obliged to uncover as much of our chosen location as we can. 

Between the early mornings, jet lag, packed itineraries, adrenalin and sensory demands of a new country, you can come home looking forward to a lie-in, feeling more shattered than when you left!

Our UK breaks tend to be a chance to reset, pamper and chill. In recent years we’ve come to realise the importance of time to rejuvenate and rest which is why we all take luxury UK lodge breaks at intervals.

A staycation getaway is your chance to relish some real R&R in beautiful surroundings. When you choose a hot tub break you have a rare chance to be still, appreciate the beautiful views and truly.. relax – at last!

  1. Free from pressure: With your own private hot tub already located in a scenic setting, entertainment is not only sorted but free. 

Your luxury lodge means you can choose whether you even need to leave your plush surroundings to eat. 

Whether you want to dine at home, snack till your heart’s content (who’s looking?), order delivery as often as you choose or head out for meals when and where you want, it’s all up to you.

You can play around with all the different hot tub settings and features whilst you relax and soak in the scenery in peace. Nothing to think about but whether you want to set your hot tub to deliver a gentle or alternating pulse or turn on the mood lighting – bliss.

  1. Universally adored: The number one challenge of travelling with others? Deciding what to do. With a luxury hot tub lodge break everyone has a universally adored activity to enjoy, just seconds from their bedroom.

Regardless of whether you’re holidaying with the boys, girls, your partner or the kids, whatever the age, everyone can get in the hot tub day or night, relax and have a great time.

  1. Free entertainment: Best of all it’s free. Add a glass of champers, Prosecco or your favourite cocktail, some music, aromatherapy oil or some fun inflatables, depending on who you’re with, and you have the trending way to relax – for free. 

You can even add glitzy holiday posts to your socials without having spent a penny or left your luxe lodge!

  1. All-weather use: Weather’s always a consideration for a holiday but hot tubs are suitable for use all year, day or night. Whatever the season, your hot tub break will always deliver – a crucial factor for the best luxury breaks in the UK!


  1. Health benefits: When unwell or in need of gentle exercise or tranquility, we’re all naturally drawn so water so it makes perfect sense to find hot tub use comes with so many health benefits. 

The massaging jets soothe away more than daily stresses. From tense, tired muscles to aching joints, tendon injuries and more, hot tubs take massage to the next level.

And your blood pressure likes it too! The NCBI cites studies which suggest hot tub use could lower your blood pressure and potentially aid management of  diabetes.

In fact, you’ll even burn calories whilst you’re using the hot tub!    

  1. Mental health benefits: After all we’ve discussed, it’s no surprise hot tubs hold numerous benefits for our emotional and mental health too.

Soothing away stresses whilst giving us much-need time to reflect and reset in peace, hot tub breaks can be life-changing. The opportunity to talk with loved ones or address your own narratives means hot tub holidays create revitalising breaks where we’re able plan brighter futures, new paths and routines.

You deserve it! Browse our luxury hot tub lodge breaks in the UK for your perfect retreat. To UK hot tub holiday lodges

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