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A day out at Woodlands Family Theme Park in Devon

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What You Will Find At Woodlands Theme Park

Our Day Out At Woodlands Family Park

Once we arrived the rain stopped and spirits were high. The children were certainly excited. As we turned into the park, we were greeted by white wallabies, a strange sight, but appealing nonetheless. We parked the car and headed to the entrance, where a quick scan of our online booking and we were in.

As the name suggests, Woodlands makes great use of its outdoor space. Nestled near Dartmouthin south Devon’s area of outstanding natural beauty, the park is spacious, with paths that meander to various areas.

Woodlands near Dartmouth – Indoor / outdoor fun / zoo farm / rides and more..

There are numerous outdoor activities. Our children immediately spotted a swinging pirate ship but as we approached we saw a mirror maze. This was great fun and started the experience well after a lengthy drive and dismal weather. The pirate ship didn’t have a queue, presumably because the weather had been so poor. The ride was excellent, it actually got the stomach turning and went a little higher than we first thought it might. The kids laughed and seemed to enjoy it. Next to the pirate ship is a ride called Vertigo. A tower that rises, spins and drops. Our older child was keen and again the big grin afterwards tells its own story.

Carrying on our walk under dark clouds, we knew the rain wouldn’t stay away all day. We wanted to make use of the dry spell and find more to do outside. Our youngest loved the big outdoor climbing frame called Ninja Zone. A clever set of cargo nets, slides and forts. It was a tad chilly watching, but he loved it. Later on we found more outdoor activities, one being an obstacle course, that the youngest could have a go at with adult assistance. We even had a go, much to our amusement. 

The children had several rides on the Artic gliders. A steep hill that shoots you down to the bottom on a sledge, great fun, just with out the snow. For more daring people the ride next door is the Avalanche. A 50kph drop sitting on a tray that feels almost like a log flume. 

image of a slide at Woodlands
The Barracuda slide at Woodlands

Woodlands park has several themed areas. Had the weather been better and presumably if we had visited in peak season, we could have caught a show, however the stages were empty, not that sitting on the wet grass would have been appealing.

All-weather fun for all the family

The weather eventually worsened and we looked for some indoor fun. Woodlands theme park is home to a zoo farm that was surprisingly full of all sorts of animals. As we entered the zoo area we were greeted by peacocks and soon found ourselves petting rabbits and guinea pigs. As we strolled through we saw llamas and goats and in the corner a couple of parrots sat above us in their enclosure. In the next zoo building, the signs encouraged us to be quiet so we didn’t disturb the bats, which fascinated our youngest kid. The zoo farm also had lizards, boa constrictor and python snakes as well as an alligator. It was excellent and well worth checking out.

The kids were eager to go on the water rides. They did look fun and a tip would be to maybe take a change of clothes and/or a towel. We decided to leave these rides until the end of the day. Much of the rest of the visit was spent indoors. The younger kids were happy playing amongst the ball pools, slides and climbing around. It wasn’t too interesting for the eldest however they seemed happy chilling with a drink anyway. 

Whilst at Woodlands we ordered food. It felt a tad expensive for what you got, but it seemed quite a standard thing in most places. The fast food on offer included burgers, chips, fizzy drinks and a decent ice cream selection.

To end the day we kept to our promise and went on the water slides. There were three to choose from and although there was a queue they were good fun and yes you do get soaking wet.

Woodlands theme park offers so much more than we were able to squeeze in. We somehow missed other areas of the park, which shows how big the place actually is.

All in all we had a really fun time, whilst on our lodge break in Devon. For all weather activity this is a great day out for all the family.

If it’s huge roller coasters and big dippers that you’re looking for this is not the place. Nevertheless there is plenty going on. In peak season there are themed shows, probably aimed more at children,  such as Peppa pig day, but older kids will get their kicks on the water rides.

Woodlands also offers camping, which would be a great way of making sure you see everything the park has to offer.

How To Get There

Frequently Asked Questions

The best age for Woodlands Park is 2-12 years old. Although, from our own experience, it is fun for all the family. 

Yes, it is advisable to book ahead as it does get busy in the summer holidays especially. 

For the bigger rides, there is a height restriction of 110 cm. You will need to be taller than this to ride them. 

Yes. dogs are absolutely welcome to go with you to the park for the day. 

All the rides are included in the admission price, with the exclusion of Safari Golf which has an additional fee. 

There is a lot of lodge accommodation near the park, you can see all the self-catering lodges in Devon we’ve reviewed here

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