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Holiday Packing Hacks: Packing Tips For UK Holidays

We’ve all done it. Lugged around a suitcase that was far too heavy, only to come home with two-thirds of it unworn. Packing a suitcase for a UK holiday is a mundane task which requires far more thought than you think, particularly when packing for a country with changeable weather, like the UK.  

This is why packing at the last minute or in a haphazard manner is bound to cause you daily irritation throughout your holiday in the UK. With some simple, top travel packing tips in hand, you can transform your suitcase packing forever.

From ensuring you only take what you need to whether to roll or fold, the benefits of packing pods and how to maximise space here’s all the best UK holiday packing hacks, including top dos and don’ts, to make packing easier.

Top 9 UK Holiday Packing Hacks

  1. Packing pods: For the most organised suitcase, packing pods are a must-have space-saving accessory. Commonly known as packing cubes due to their usually rectangular size, packing cubes make it easy to separate clothing and accessories for travel.

Keeping clothes protected inside your suitcase, packing pods come in all sorts of different colours and sizes. Popular features for pods include breathable material, see-through sides for easy visibility, water-resistance and sections for clean and dry clothing. 

You’ll even find your packing cubes speed up packing and unpacking because you can lift each packing cube out of the suitcase and into your hotel storage, saving tons of time.

  1. Rolling v Folding: Before packing cubes, rolling was the thing to do. It still is….if it’s good enough for tidying queen Marie Kondo – it’s still got value for us. If you don’t have packing pods to hand or have clothes leftover once your pods are packed, rolling is the way to go.

See how it is done here –

Rolling clothes for UK travel is a top packing hack because it: enables you to see each item of clothing easily, saves space in your suitcase, prevents the muddle which occurs when you have to trawl through folded clothes, banishes wrinkles by compressing items and keeps everything organised.

Now here’s which items to pack when holidaying in the UK.

  1. Pack layers for a UK holiday: Holidaying in the UK could involve a number of different types of weather so it’s important to pack a selection of simple cover-ups you can layer on if the weather changes.

A scarf, trusty jumper/s, a waterproof jacket (if it’s winter make sure it’s thick) and an umbrella are the ultimate must-haves to take you through any UK weather. T-shirts make a good base you can add layers over easily if required.

For shoes, pack water-resistant comfy shoes, such as trainers. Depending on what you plan to do during your stay, you may also need to bring walking boots and thick socks or even wellies if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors during your UK holiday.

  1. Self-catering holiday cottage dos: If you’re taking a beautiful UK holiday cottage vacation you’ll have extra to pack. First, check what will be provided at your holiday cottage so you know what you need to bring in advance.

Next book yourself a food delivery from the nearest supermarket delivery service at least 6 weeks in advance of your holiday. Supermarket deliveries are available across the UK from national UK supermarkets, such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco but get booked up early. 

Don’t get carried away and order a full week’s shopping. Remember you’ll be out most of the time so run through the number of meals you’ll need to cook plus things like breakfast and picnics.

Make a rough plan then order what you’ll need. For those items, you’ll only use a few of them, bring them from home so you don’t end up returning home with almost-full packets of goods you already have in the cupboard.

Self-catering UK holiday essentials so many people forget to pack are:

  • bin bags
  • toilet roll
  • tupperware containers
  • kitchen towel
  • detergent
  • washing up gloves
  • a torch
  • device chargers (make sure there’s enough for multiple devices to charge at the same time)
  • first aid kit
  • swimming costumes or trunks
  • beach towels
  • backpacks and cool bags for picnics and excursions
  • stair gate for small children
  • baby wipes
  • dog food, dog bowl and dog bed (if staying in a pet-friendly holiday cottage).
  1. UK road trip must-haves: If your UK holiday will take the form of a road trip, whatever the season, make sure your car is packed evenly and don’t be tempted to overfill the car!don’t forget you’ll need to pack:Packing the car for a UK break
  • a valid driver’s licence
  • adequate insurance cover including emergency breakdown cover
  • sunglasses
  • hand sanitiser
  • USB charger
  • an ice scraper
  • a cloth in case the windows get steamed up inside
  • a SAT nav
  • a spare tyre and jack
  • water and snacks (it can be long-distance to the next service station where purchases are always pricey).
  1. Think travelling around: The biggest don’t is to remember this is a holiday so don’t pack as you’ll be at home! From devices to books, too many clothes, shoes, magazines and accessories, the fastest way to ruin your holiday packing is to try and re-create your everyday experience on holiday.

 We go on vacation to relax, unwind and throw caution to the wind, which means your usual routines, high-level maintenance and pressures are gone. You’ll be busy doing and seeing lots or nothing in turn, soaking in new experiences so all you need are essentials.

  1. Reduce dirty clothes: If you really need to maximise space or travel lightweight, bring essential laundry tools so you can wash dirty clothes whilst you’re away meaning you’ll have fewer clothes to bring and carry.  A travel washing line and mini detergent will ensure you can wash and re-wear clothes as often as you choose.
  1. Make every space count: Holidays are about comfort so bring lightweight clothes you can wear multiple times and keep accessories to a minimum. 

Opt for materials which travel easily and fill spaces in your shoes and case with smaller items, such as socks and toiletries. Use travel-size toiletries or pop larger toiletries into travel size containers.

  1. Make a list first: Make a list of what you think you need, then re-read this checklist and remove at least a third!

So that’s your packing organised! Browse our luxury holiday accommodation to find the perfect UK holiday lodge or cottage for family and friends. 

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