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Visiting Legoland Windsor Tips

Me and family head down for a trip to Legoland a couple of times a year. It is one of my favourite places to visit in the UK. Unfortunately, we are a 3-hour drive away otherwise I think we’d go even more often. We’ve now spent over 25 days in the theme park so I thought I would share my top tips for having a great day in the park.  

My Top 5 Tips For A Day At Legoland

I’ve put a guide to places to eat under the top 5 tips. For these tips, I am expecting you have the Legoland app for queue times. It does not work until you are actually in the park but is essential for planning your day. If you haven’t already – download it now and familiarise yourself with the park map. 

1 - Plan Your Day

The Legoland park is big and having a good plan of what you want to go on will really help. Check the height restrictions for the rides to avoid any disappointment. Avoid running back and forth looking for short queues! 

I often find when a queue looks short on the app unless you are really close by, it will be longer by the time you get there! It does not update in real-time so you could add another 15 minutes compared to what the app says, especially for a big ride. 

If you want to go on the busier rides, like Ninjago or Flight of the Sky Lion, then head to one of those first or last. If you want to get the most out of the day go to a queue of one of the busiest rides 10 minutes before the park closes. The queues are usually shorter at this time and it maximises your time in the park. I always want to be the first one in and the last one out! 

2 - Buy A Ride And Reserve

I know this won’t be a hugely popular tip as you’ve already paid to get into the park. If you are going in the peak summer months then the reserve and ride will make your day a lot easier. The cheapest one allows you to queue virtually rather than stand around. In the summer holidays when its hot this really helps you to have a better day out. 

We would usually buy one in the summer months but not if it is out of season as the queues are manageable with some planning. 

My Reserve And Ride Tips

  • Make sure you are always in a virtual queue no matter what you are doing! 
  • Queue up for rides that aren’t on the system whist queuing virtually for something else. 
  • Have a plan, as soon as your QR code is scanned get in the queue for the next ride, even before you’ve got on the ride.
  • Use it for the bigger queues, if anything is 15 minutes you may as well queue for that while virtually queuing for other bigger queues.

These tips will help you get the most out of the reserve and ride. On busy days you can often find reserve and ride queues have a 10-15 minute wait when you get to them so join that queue before your time. If you’re too early you just have to wait at the side until its your time. 

3 - Have An Early Or Late Lunch

All the food places are packed from 11.50-1.50 from my experience in the pack. Grabbing your lunch outside these times will help maximise your ride times rather than spending an hour for lunch. 

If you are still planning I think its easiest to take a picnic and just eat that watching a show at the lighthouse at lunchtime. 

If you want a grab-and-go then head to the Costa just down from mini land where you can grab sandwiches and salads. These sell out so grab them if your going past in the morning. 

4 - See A Show Or Movie

It’s not just rides at Legoland and breaking up the waiting around to catch one of the shows at the lighthouse or the 4D cinema.

At the lighthouse, there is usually a Lego Friend show and the pirates of skeleton bay show. The Pirates of Skeleton Bay is the best show, no trip to Legoland is complete without seeing it! 

You’ll soon be singing “Yo ho yo ho, it’s the pirates of skeleton bay”.

5- Go To The Shop In The Middle Of The Day

There is a large shop near the entrance and a smaller one in Lego City. the entrance shop is usually packed at the end of the day. If you want to have a look around the middle of the day is the best. If you are at Viking River Falls or the 4D Cinema then it’s a short walk to the entrance.

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