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Alton Towers: Lodges Breaks Nearby

Lodge Breaks Near Alton Towers


Popular Cabins To Visit Alton Towers

Here is our guide on where to stay, read on for top tips for your trip to the Towers. We are regular visitors to Alton Towers and know the rides and location well. 

Our Top 5 Lodges & Cabins

1 - Mayfeild Snuggery Lodges - Luxury Lodges - 15 Minutes from Alton Towers

What we love about Mayfield Snuggery

  • High-end luxury lodges with hot tubs and saunas – A great way to relax after a long day at the park. 
  • This is a small site with only 5 lodges. Only one of the current lodges is a 2-bed lodge. 
  • A 15-minute drive to the theme park means you can get there early and get to one of the big thrill rides first! 
  • If you want a break from the park take some time to enjoy the stunning peak district right on your doorsetp. 
What You will Find at Mayfield Snuggery
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2 - Quarry Walk Park - Best For Families - Location

Quary Walk Lodge Park

What we love about Quarry Walk Park

  • A 46-acre park with lots of woodlands and walks to go on. 
  • Covered hot tubs for year-round use.
  • The lodges have a very log cabin feel about them with wood-clad interiors. 
  • Pet-friendly glamping pods are also available on-site as well as space for camping in the summer months. 

3 - Alton Towers Tree House - Best Luxury Experience - Alton Towers

Alton Towers Luxuty Tree House Lodges

What we love about Alton Towers Tree Houses

  • A great experience of luxury with a treehouse with hot tubs overlooking the woods.
  • Stay on-site for quick access to the park via the hotel guest entrance near Galactica.
  • The treehouses sleep up to 8 and are described as a “magical experience” by some visitors who have stayed there.

4 - Woodland Lodges - Best On site Accomodation - Alton Towers

Enchanted Woodland lodges on site

If the treehouse is a little too pricey then why not check out one of the Woodland Lodges that are located just past the resort’s hotels. 

What we love about the Woodland Lodges

  • They are located in an enchanted village and have a wonderful design. 
  • They sleep up to 5 people and have a separate kids’ sleeping zone.
  • They all have WIFI and a flat-screen TV so you can chill out at the end of a day at the theme park.

5 - Raddle Inn Lodges - Best Value - Hollington Staffordshire

Raddle Inn Lodges - just 10 minutes from Alton Towers

What we love about Raddle Inn lodges

  • A choice of 5 lodges that are just 10 minutes drive to Alton Towers.
  • The lodge prices are great value for a convenient location to the theme park. 
  • Simple lodges that make a great base, alternatively if they are fully booked they have cottage accommodation also available. 
Alton Towers background

Book Your Alton Towers Break Now

If you’re looking for a nation packed break then Alton Towers is the place to go. Dare you ride the Smilers 14 loops? Even if you are going to visit the very popular CBeebies land Alton Towers has rides for all ages (and bravery levels!)

Visiting Alton Towers Tips

Writer: I’m a regular visitor to Alton Towers, we have Merlin passes as a family and live around 30 minutes away. I’ve been visiting the Towers for over 20 years and think I now can finally find my way across the gardens! 

Quick tips/ things to know

  • If you are staying over, book the Roller Coaster restaurant for after the park is closed. It’s great fun to eat there but it gets booked up really far in advance. 
  • Plan your rides before you get there: The park is massive, if you zig-zag around you’ll be exhausted! 
  • All the drink refill stations have tap water free to refill your OWN bottles.
  • Towers Street hot dog, near the entrance, is usually the quickest place to get food that’s not as expensive as in a restaurant. 
  • If you go on battle galleons – you will get soaked! 
  • If you need a break from the rides head to the gardens, they’re well worth a visit while you are there.

Around The Park Tips

1 – Head to a big ride first depending on the time you arrive. 

This depends on what time you arrive at the park. This is from my experience. Please note days varies and these are just from my experiace. If you go in the middle of the summer it will be busy all the time.

For example, the park opens at 10 

If you arrive before 9.30 head to Wickerman or Smiler. 

The queues for Nemesis, Galactica, Rita and Thirteen rarely get an as big first thing. They are usually less than an hour until lunchtime other than on the really busy days. 

If you arrive after 9.30 then avoid Wickerman as the queue usually ends up being nearly 90 minutes when it opens and rarely gets any bigger than that. Head over to Galactica and Nemesis and get a couple of rides in over there before joining one of the larger queues. 

2 – Hit Some Short Queues If You Have Younger Kids

Or if you’re bored of queueing! There are some rides that generally have shorter queues than the bigger riders but are still part of the theme park day. 

Here’s some that we regularly go on as they have shorter queues 

  • Duel – Shooter ride
  • Runaway mine train – Choo Choo! 
  • Justin’s Pie-o-Matic (CBeebies land) – Sponge ball shooter fun
  • Spinball Whizzer – Spinning rollercoaster
  • Retro rides – THere are 4 of them fitted around the park in 2022, these are like fairground rides. 
  • Squirt people on battle galleons – No queue, you can just use the shooters around the ride to soak the people coming round the ride – watch out though as they will shoot back! 

3 – Go Out Of Season If You Can

Try and avoid the peak months of June – July – August if you can (And Halloween and fireworks).

If you have preschool children go during the week out of the main season will give you a much better day with a lot less queuing. At the time of writing it is mid-week at the start of May, the biggest queue in CBeebies is 35 minutes. Thre are a number of rides with no queues.  

For older children weekends at the start and end of the season tend to be cheaper away from the school holidays. Early May and late September are the times we try to go more as it’s easier with smaller queues on average.  

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